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The aim of the “Jeunesse et Non-violence” organization is the non-violence training for Youth through the organization of Youth camps, work camps, international exchanges, training courses, seminars, hosting and sending young people through the European Volunteer Service, festivals, interventions in schools,  the  establishment of a international Youth network for the non-violent resolution of conflicts and all activities in relationship to the peace education and the defence of the environment.

Our objective is the reinforcement of a peace culture through the education, giving the opportunity to young volunteers learn about conflict resolution in the non-violence way. What is very important in the pedagogic level, is that the trainers use their competencies to manage the exchanges dynamic but we construct the theory together sharing experiences of each one. The workshop give us tools to find answers to the different's practical  issues linked with our really life.

The non-formal education let us free be in the same time organizers and participants each one, the intercultural exchanges encourage the good understanding and the solidarity, the construction of a Youth international network about non-violence is a project for international solidarity in conflicts situation but also a place for active communication and the freedom of movement of the information and Knowledge's.

The organization board of directors is compound by a president, a secretary,  a treasurer and advisers. A part of the board of directors is compounded by volunteers who are less than 30 old. Currently, all the team is compounded by volunteers and some of them participate punctually in the projects realization.

The target group of the various projects is Young people from 14  years old, who are interested by non-violence education without distinction in gender, cultural or social background. In the international level, our partners are  mainly organizations from countries in conflict situation.  

Field’s intervention:

- Peace and Non-violence education

- Struggle against racism and discrimination

- Intercultural and inter-religious dialogue

- Conflict resolution (prevention, action and Post conflict/post-disaster rehabilitation)

- Ecology and environment awareness

- Arts (Dance, theatre, music, painting, calligraphy)

- Media's, communication and Youth Information

- International solidarity (Africa, Middle East, South America)