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Devopment of the International Network for conflict resolution

The organization " Youth and Non- violence " is intended for the training of young people in non-violence by organizing Youth camps, international exchanges, training courses, artistic workshops in the field of performing arts, support young people in employement insertion, seminars, hosting and sending young European voluntary service, festivals, interventions in schools, the development of an international network for the resolution of conflicts through non-violence and any activity that helps Education for peace and the defense of the environment.

Areas of intervention

Development of European projects for young people. Conflict management (prevention, action and reconciliation). Artistic groups (dance, theater, music). Ecology and environmental protection. Media, communication and information for young people. International solidarity. Fight against discrimination, racism and xenophobia. Intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

Training activities

Training in Nonviolence. Training in the field of Performing Arts (Dance, Music and Theatre). Training for vocational rehabilitation. Environmental education.

Youth and Non-violence